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In the Closet or Not? Does it really matter?

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about the nature of those people who choose to “remain in the closet” and how some of the LGBT community look down at them as if their choice of how to express their sexuality is some kind of lower quality than theirs.

That’s a fallacy right there… fact it’s downright backwards.

Nobody, not even other Gay, Lesbian, or Bi individuals gets to choose how you go about expressing yourself, if you wish to jump up and scream it out, dance in Pride parades or sing it from mountaintops, so be it. But please don’t think those that go about their business quietly and in the privacy of their own bedrooms are not proud.

I’m not saying that it can’t be a relieving and unburdening feeling to ‘come-out’ but I for one don’t think it is anyone’s business who I do and do not find attractive.

Have I told my parents I prefer the company of not only women in me bedroom? NO! and I certainly don’t plan on telling them anytime soon.

I’m sure there are plenty of ‘Straight’ people who would also pale at the thought of sharing what turns them on in bed with their parents too. So why should it be different.

But Please, please, PLEASE do not think my lack of forwardness is fear, or embarrassment or being sickened by myself. I just don’t see why EVERYBODY needs to know.

I don’t deny it though, and here is where the matter truly lies. There are plenty of friends who know, and if someone were to ask, I never lie about it, and thankfully I live where it is accepted, not where I’d have to argue my heterosexuality on fear of being beaten or killed.

There is still so much pressure from religion, family, country, etc etc that even today being Gay, Lesbian, Bi, or anything in between is something ‘different’ and ‘not normal’. We shouldn’t be getting pressured by the community that is supposed to welcome and accept us that we must announce ourselves to be included.

I am happy with who I am, I have many sexual endeavours, I attend the Pride parade, and dance in gay and straight clubs, and still blush in public if I see someone I like checking me out. But I don’t need to strap a rainbow flag to myself like a cape, and I don’t NEED to tell anybody either. It’s OK to disagree with me, to argue against my reasoning, you are entitled to your opinion, but do not look down at me as if my sexuality is any less real than yours.

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